Chief Funk recognizes Officer Wertz

Chief Funk presented Officer Wertz a Letter of Recognition at the Village Council Meeting Monday, June 17. 

"In Recognition of Exceptional Service to the Village of Smithville, Officer Christian Wertz is hereby honored:  On two occasions during the month of April 2019, Officer Christian Wertz responded to medical emergency calls.  In both instances, the victims were found to have no pulse and were not breathing.  During the first call (April 18, 2019), Officer Wertz properly administered Narcan and performed CPR.  During the second (April 26, 2019), he deployed an AED and again performed CPR.  Although neither victim ultimately survived, the efforts of Officer Wertz are no less noteworthy.  Officer Wertz's actions in these matters are in keeping with the finest traditions of law enforcement service, and he is hereby recognized for his steadfast devotion to duty."