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Submitted by The Village of Smithville on Thu, 07/30/2020 - 9:36am
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October 19, 2020  

Work has begun on the site for the new water tower.

Photo courtesy of Mike Turner

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Tom Poulson
Al Snyder
Bob McNutt
Tom Poulson and Al Snyder
Breaking ground
Poulson McNutt Rogers Snyder

Groundbreaking Ceremony was held September 17, 2020 at 10am

Mayor Tom Poulson welcomed the small gathering of local officials, residents, contractors, employees, along with township, county and state representatives to the Village of Smithville's groundbreaking ceremony to commemorate the upcoming Water Tower Project slated to begin soon.  The process began in 1982 when the Dravenstott Family (The Barn Restaurant) worked with the Village to secure the plot of land where the new tower will sit.  The funding for the tower is an OPWC Grant for $500,000; $520,000 of local funds; and the remainder from an Ohio Water Development Authority (OWWDA) loan.  Mayor Poulson stated the $1.6 million project is the largest the Village has planned to date.

Mayor Poulson introduced former Mayor Al Snyder, who has served in many capacities for the Village, and was diligent in planning and working towards the goal of a new tower.

Al Snyder spoke briefly about the Board of Public Affairs and Council recognizing the the old, failing infrastructure and tower which led them to begin planning for a new water tower back in the late 1990's.  Funds were set aside to be used for water improvements and with much diligence, the Village set aside the funds needed to secure funding through Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC). Along the way, old failing water lines were also replaced knowing if a tower was in the future, new lines would be needed for water pressure from a new tower.

Village engineer Bob McNutt, of C.T. Consultants, spoke briefly about the Village being good stewards of the residents' money, saving the funds necessary to get to this point.  He stated it is rare to see small communities get to this point in a project this size.  Mr McNutt was a young engineer with Finkbiner, Petis, & Strout Engineers firm when the Village began planning for the future and this goal.  He was a part of many of the water line replacement projects and commended the Village for their Diligence and hard work over the years.

Mayor Poulson shared the current 80-year old tower has a capacity of 100,000 gallons and the new tower will store 250,000 gallons, thus providing better supply and pressure for Village residents and for increased fire-fighting needs.

Along with water line replacement projects that have been done over the last 20 years, the 40-year old Water Treatment Plant (WTP) was rebuilt bringing it up to date.  Also planned to coincide with the tower project are a new SCADA program which provides communication between the water wells, the WTP, and the tower.  This SCADA system will provide emergency notifications to the proper authorities in the case of a water emergency.  In addition, all four water wells have been checked and tested which will lead to two wells being cleaned and upgraded in 2020 and the remaining two wells will be cleaned and upgraded in 2021 at a cost of $50,000 each year.  The well upgrades are necessary to properly work with the new tower and pressure.  All of these steps will prepare our water system to be ready to bring the new water tower online.

The contractors for this project are Caldwell Tank Inc of Louisville, Kentucky; G.E. Baker Construction of Shreve, Ohio; and ProSupply, Inc of Cleveland, Ohio.

Participating in the "groundbreaking" were:  Mayor Tom Poulson, CT Consultants Engineer Bob McNutt, G.E. Baker President Stacey Rogers, and former Mayor Al Snyder.

Photos courtesy of Becky Dannemiller

September 15, 2020:  Village Council Meeting

  • Resolution 2020-21 was passed:  A Resolution accepting the lowest and best bid from ProSupply, Inc for completion of the West Main Street Water Tower Project, Existing Tower Demolition at a cost to the Village of $93,500.00.
The area where the new water tower will be built.
water tower lot with road
water tower lot with signs
water tower lot with truck

Pictures of the lot where the new water tower will be built courtesy of Mike Turner.

August 4, 2020:  Village Council Meeting

  • Resolution 2020-18 was passed:  A Resolution accepting the lowest and best bid from Caldwell Tanks, Inc to provide the necessary labor and materials for completion of the West Main Street Water Tower Project, Water Tower Site Improvements Project at a cost to the Village of $1,330,000.00
  • Resolution 2020-19 was passed:  A Resolution accepting the lowest and best bid from G.E. Baker Construction Inc for the necessary labor and materials for completion of the West Main Street Water Tower Project, Waterline Improvements at a cost to the Village of $244,366.50


July 30, 2020 Bid opening at 3pm, Village Hall.  Once opened the bids will be under review for accuracy and completeness.