Boards & Commissions

Park Board Committee Information

Hamman, Jess   
Saris, Chris    
Shipper, Rebekah  
Butcher, Nate
Poulson, Tom



Records Commission

The Smithville Records Commission is mandated and governed by the Ohio Revised Code (Section 149.39) to manage the  municipal records of the VIllage. The commission has organized and systemized the records for ease of retention and disposal. The Records Commission is composed of the following members:

Mayor Tom Poulson
Fiscal Officer Pam Keener  
Solicitor Jason Groh  
Office Administrator Becky Dannemiller
Citizen Member Jesse Hamman  



Planning Commission

Mayor Tom Poulson
Baker, Del  
Dilyard, Susan
Steiner, Donna
Heitger, John**



Zoning Board of Appeals

Amstutz, Robert**
Blackwell, David
Buchwalter, Steve
Krownapple, Tami
Winans, Jay



Income Tax Review Board

Fannon, Wayne
Hartzler, Wilma
Snyder, Janet