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Smithville's new water tower:

Years of planning are becoming a reality.  A webpage showing the time line of events has been created to follow the construction of the new water tower.  Click on the link for photos.

Smithville Water and Sewer Services
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Residents and businesses in the Village of Smithville are served by the Village's Water Department.

In order to establish your water and sewer service, you will need to complete the Water/Sewer application. New residents must come to the Water Department at Village Hall, in person, to complete the application. The Income Tax Registration must be completed at this time also. You must have a current valid photo ID and a $75.00 deposit is required (cash, check, money order, NO CARDS accepted). 

If you are moving out of the village, please contact the Water Department at 330-669-2311 and a final meter reading will be scheduled. You must supply us with a new address for final billing purposes.

Rate Reduction Program for Seniors

Rate Reduction Program for qualified seniors residing in the Village of Smithville, in a rental unit served by the Village's water and sewer system.  To receive the Rate Reduction you must be:

1. At least 65 years or older (birth certificate, passport, driver's license, state ID)

2. Ohio adjusted income level of $32,800 or less (Ohio Tax Return, Federal Tax Return)

You will be required to sign an application form with the Village of Smithville and provide proof of age and income.  The reduction is equal to the rate for those who qualify for the Homestead Exemption or approximately 20% reduction.

Seniors who own their home should apply for the Homestead Exemption with the Wayne County Auditor's Office to receive the deduction.

Other Village of Smithville Utilities

It is up to each resident to contact the utilities listed below for their service.  Links are to their websites.

Sewer Backflow Valve

If it is determined that the household flooding results from a sanitary sewer backup the solution may be to install a backflow preventer. The installation requires excavation in the yard adjacent to the right-of-way.  These devices are very effective in eliminating backflow. The backflow preventer will keep an overloaded sanitary sewer from backing up into the basement.  However, water collected by a foundation drain which is cross-connected to the sanitary could still cause problems because the water has no where to go until the surcharge on the sanitary sewer is relieved.

Smithville Village Council has approved a Sewer Backflow Valve Grant Agreement for devices installed after August 1, 2012. The agreement provides for a $250.00 reimbursement to help off-set the cost of the back flow valve.  The grant agreement specifies the terms and conditions to qualify for the reimbursement.  If you are a property owner in an area which has experienced problems in the past, you may want to consider the purchase and installation of a backflow valve to help prevent future problems.